I started running in 2014 to lose weight and to be more healthy in general. I was hooked instantly and stumbled across the concept of ultra marathons early on in my addiction. I’ve never really been the adventurous type, but I felt like I wanted to test myself to take on one of these heroic sounding accomplishments. Initially I thought it was beyond me, running for 10 or more hours in one go. As time went on, I started to believe that I could do it and, after a year of running, I completed a 53 mile race from the outskirts of Glasgow up through the Scottish highlands. Along the way I discovered trail running and hill running, both of which form the base for my running addiction.

I live in Falkland, a beautiful village in the middle of Fife in central Scotland and I’m a member of Falkland Trail Runners and Lomond Hill Runners